Twitter from the Ground Up

Tworkshop Schedule
Stewart Center 214A, 9:00 – 12:00


  • Rachael, Julie, Karl, and Bill: who are we, what was our first tweet, what are our tweetstats, and why did we start twittering?
  • Tworkshoppers: who are you, why Twitter, and what are you hoping to get out of the workshop?

What is microblogging and why do we use it?

Brief history of Twitter.

The anatomy of a tweet.

Demonstration of and how to tweet.

Time to sign up and get tweetin’!

Learning the lingo (@reply, DM, RT, hashtags [#twcw10, #cw2010])

Types of tweets (e.g., personal updates, conversations, information sharing); thick versus thin tweets

Building a profile, locating interests, following and gaining followers (Twitter Search, Tweep Search)


Twitter Tools and  Apps (desktop client, cell phone client, statistical app, archival apps, photo apps)



Twitter in the Classroom

Watch Kim Smith: “The Twitter Experiment

Read and then discuss David Parry: “Twitter for Academia” and Bill Wolff: “Using Twitter in the Graduate Classroom

Break into groups and brainstorm possible assignment for a course, discuss assignments

Tweeting #cw2010


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